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A competitive athlete for many years, Stephanie always pushed herself to her limit until a serious ankle injury during a Miami marathon forced her to slow down. “It was very difficult not being able to run on the beach daily. Running always gave me a sense of accomplishment and fed my competitive spirit. But mostly it kept my legs in great shape!” From then on, it was Stef’s mission to find that balance in a workout, one that heals as well as strengthens, and develops a beautiful, strong feminine form without injury.

She finally found her home with the Pilates method. After taking Pilates for a short six weeks, her ankle injury was almost completely healed. While witnessing the transformation in her own body, and with her background in personal training, she felt compelled to help others achieve the same results. “I felt so good about the change in my body that I knew I would do this for the rest of my life.”

In time, as a busy working mother, she realized that what she needed was a workout that made the best possible use of her limited time. No more going for a run afterwards to make sure she was getting a good cardio workout as well. So she developed the Brock Athletic Pilates Method, a cardio-intense Pilates workout that gave her exactly what she was looking for – all the exercise she needed for the day in one hour.

Stephanie is a certified professional Pilates teacher and owner of Brock Athletic Pilates. She has been actively involved as a fitness teacher for 18 years.  She received her fitness certifications as a personal trainer from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). She is certified under the PhysicalMind Institute/The Method Pilates of NYC. PhysicalMind Institute, which started in 1991, is the original Pilates certifying organization.


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