Our Brock Athletic Pilates Full Body Equipment Class fuses the best of Pilates with Cardiovascular Conditioning, Weight Training, Flexibility and Balancing Work. Each person has their own Pilates setup. This includes Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrel, Jumping Board, Magic Circle and Free Weights. This is one of the most comprehensive full body workouts in the Fort Lauderdale area. From beginner to advanced, we provide a safe, fun and affordable full body workout that will transform your body. The Brock Athletic Pilates Method ensures that you get all the exercise you need for the day!


Do you prefer the privacy of one-on-one attention to meet your personal fitness and health goals? A private session with Brock Athletic Pilates provides a unique experience each and every time, with up close and personal supervision to make sure you get the most from your workout. Every private session is customized to meet your individual needs.
Pilates can also be incredibly beneficial for the novice and professional athlete alike. Pilates is commonly used in the prevention and rehabilitation of orthopedic problems, in particular knee, back, hip and shoulder injuries. Professional athletes have also started performing Pilates regularly to help develop their core strength and flexibility, helping to keep them injury-free and to enhance performance. Among the many types of athlete to have discovered the benefits, tri-athletes, golfers, tennis players, swimmers and dancers commonly turn to Pilates for help.
So whether you are an athlete needing help with rehabilitation and looking to improve your flexibility, or if you simply enjoy one-on-one attention, a private session is exactly what you’re looking for.

Please call (954) 687-1920 to schedule a private session OR click here to call from your smartphone.

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More info about Brock Athletic Pilates Fort Lauderdale instructorAfter 18 years as a Fort Lauderdale Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, Stephanie Brock realized it was time for a change. Being a busy working mother herself, Stephanie understood how important it is to fit a total body workout into a busy daily routine. So she designed the Brock Athletic Pilates Method to provide all the exercise you need for the day. READ MORE

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