(with Himalyan Salt Walls)

Step inside your high quality, toxic free health pod, relax and let the Infrared waves do the work.  As the layers of your body absorb the waves, toxins are expelled, muscles and tissue are relaxed and oxygen flow and circulation are increased and optimized.


(harness the healing of the ocean)
❤️ Detoxification 
While your infrared spa is making you sweat at a cellular level you are getting rid of the deep harmful toxins that build up in your body (lead, mercury, nickel, etc.)  This also helps expel alcohol, nicotine and other compounds. 
❤️ Muscle Pain Relief
Infrared wavelengths penetrate and create heat within the body, which produces profound therapeutic benefits.  By increasing the flow of blood to the muscles and delivering more pure oxygen, more energy to heal is created.
❤️ Weight Loss
Infrared sauna use has a similar affect to the cardiovascular system as running or other cardio activities.  While you are relaxing comfortably in your Infrared Sauna, your body is working hard to circulate blood, sweat and burn calories.  Studies have shown up to 500 plus calories can be burned.
❤️ Skin Beautification 
The process of sweating that disposes of harmful toxins also helps remove dead skin cells and skin impurities.  Infrared exposure is also beneficial in reducing acne, eczema and healing wounds.
❤️ Strengthened Immune System
The Full spectrum heating power of a Infrared Sauna penetrates the body and raises its core temperature.  Raising the core temperature  induces and artificial fever, which naturally accelerates the body’s immune system.
❤️ Joint Pain Relief
Stiffness , aches and soreness can be greatly reduced with the application of radiant heat.  Infrared Saunas can help reduce or eliminate arthritis, sprains, muscle spasms, joint pain and many other ailments.
❤️ Chronic Inner Ear Infections
❤️ Reduce Inflammation
❤️Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
❤️ Increased Focus and Attention
❤️ Prevent and Reverse Brain Degeneration Disease


❤️ Respiratory Issues, Asthma, Lung Inflammation, COPD
❤️ Sleep Apnea
❤️ Alleviating Allergies
❤️ Mood Enhancement
❤️ Regulating Blood Pressure
❤️ Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin issues
Himalayan Salt is a natural way to heal the body.  Salt levels in our bodies affect our energy, cell activity and blood sugar levels.  By gently heating the Himalayan salt walls inside of your Infrared sauna, the calming and detoxifying effects begin.  When combined with the already powerful effects of the full spectrum infrared sauna heat, the Himalayan pink salt maximizes the wellness potential of your sauna.  
Have you ever noticed the more time you spend at the beach breathing in the fresh ocean air, the more relaxed you feel?  The salt in the air is naturally purifying the oxygen, reducing the pollutants and making people feel more relaxed.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the healing of the ocean.  At BROCK ATHLETIC PILATES…..Start Living and Feeling Great In The Body You Love.

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